I did a shoot for work at Promenade to feature their new theatre and this is one of my favorite shots. 

In other news - updating my photography portfolio! Do check it out (please): :)

I recently reprinted my chapbook for portfolio purposes! Which means I have a couple more copies left for sale if you want them :) 

Still selling them for P100.00 :) Lemme know if you want one!

I have yet to write about my favorite summer thus far but I have always said: I am happiest on the beach - sun against my skin, salt water kissing the tips of my toes.

Here, as I try to match faces to the word happiness. 

Countdown (to None)

5 days ‘til my first day of work. 4 days ‘til I turn 22. 

Please see: pre-birthday anxiety has begun. 

Sunsets and Silhouettes, Part 1 

(Unfinished poetry)

envious of the way the sunlight can touch you all over and all at once

Forgot what it felt like to fall in love with someone else’s art.


"I say I don’t." "I don’t." "But all the while." "I might have fallen in love."

Cannot stop listening to Don’t Fall in Love! Definitely my favorite song from this musical. In other news, got to shoot the show again! 


Toilet: the Musical, Part 3

Shots from the Rob-Gus and Janitor storyline!