00063. Prod Season again! :D 

I forgot about this but I was cleaning out my photos and saw a screencapped conversation with my sister. In other news, pretty late but got in blueREP’s A New Brain and it’s production season once more! 

I play the ex-girlfriend turned best friend. We’re in the middle of music rehearsals now and things are getting pretty exciting. Working with a lot of my newbies and my spring castmates and Freakshow batchmates so that’s always nice :) 

Plus Boo’s the PM, Toff’s directing with Luis as his AD, Gala and Dana are MD-ing and Nina’s our choreographer! Stay tuned for that! 

00062. Day maker

So our dynamic has finally made itself useful. Could not have asked for a better partner or promo team. :) 

00061. Self-sufficiency at its finest. 

I’ve been working (ish) and these are the products of my hard work. First big purchase with hard-earned money: iPhone 5. Second big purchase: 50mm Prime Lens and everything else I got from my Christmas money. :) Self-sufficiency. 

00060. The littlest monster and his random day to day quirks. 

Today, it consisted of the littlest monster barging in my room, five balloons tied to his waist saying, “Do you have more balloons? I’m still not flying.” 

Five minutes later, when I go out to check my mail I see him in the courtyard looking like this. Oh, Julian. 

00059. To Feeling Like A Kid

This weekend, I forgot I had responsibilities and turned into a trigger happy, killing machine (kind of). (Making a list because I don’t want to forget, something I picked up from Beb’s happy blog)

If I had a happy jar it would be overflowing right now. Good weekend. Good break from everything. :) 

00058. “I am not a sad story.”

To more nights like this with these two boys. :) Overflowing. 

00057. I got to play F5 in our mini production of Stages of Love! 

Back in 2011, I was the Head Stage Manager of the Stages of Love run and since then I promised myself that if I got the chance, I’d audition and gun for the role of F5. This year, the Core decided to do another run of SOL for the Valentine’s Prod with Spring Awakening as the finale and we all know you can’t be in both. 

Lucky for me, they decided to have a mini-production and Aldrich (who played my M5) forced me to audition for it and I got the role. So technically, I got to be in both this sem! :) 

00056. Sembreak 2012, My Favorite By Far

Oct 13:

Oct 14:

Oct 15:

Oct 16:

Oct 17:

Oct 18:

Oct 19:

Oct 20:

Oct 21:

Oct 22

Oct 23

Oct 24

Oct 25

Oct 26

Oct 27

For the rest of the break, I will rest. Play video games. Rest some more. I am in a good place. :)

00055. My Patrick and Charlie :)

I have always been one of the boys, have always gotten along better with guys, grew up running around pretending to be sumo-wrestlers with guys or going home at four in the morning playing Counter Strike with the guys. That’s just the way it’s always been so it’s not surprising that my best friends are guys. 

You know, growing up, I always wanted a guy best friend. I always thought, hey wouldn’t it be awesome to have someone treat you like a princess, all overly protective and caring and loving and at the same time have someone to play video games with until what time in the morning. Always thought it’d be awesome to have someone pick you up from your house to bring you ice cream when you’re sad. You know. Typical, cliche idea of a guy best friend. 

HA. Was I wrong! 

Guy best friends are amazing, that part I am completely sure of, but everything else I imagined, yup, those’re for the movies. 

Yes, of course they are protective but treat you like a princess? How about, the two (three in my case) of you are watching movies on a laptop and one of them gets bored and decides to hit you with a pillow - straight smack on your face? Yup, typical day with guy best friends. 

Or - you watch a scary play or a horror movie and the theme of the day is “first one to scream (like a girl) loses” and they both bet against you. What’s new? 

Or you guys are swimming and you shout, “Don’t push me! My top will fall off!” And they shout, “Wala ka namang boobs eh (It’s okay you don’t have boobs!)” and push you regardless. (Should’ve seen that one coming)

You can spend an entire day getting bullied - with comments like lalaki ka naman eh (but you’re a guy!) or “say “Nagkandarapa”” - a word I have a hard time singing for some reason - down to the two of them making fun of your crush (or your type) and none of that would be surprising (or offensive). 

It’s just really how it is. Perks of having boy best friends. 

They will make you feel like you look like shit - and have fun doing so (don’t take it personally, they secretly think you’re beautiful ;) HAHA). They will play with your arms and prod at your weight issues. They will forget you’re a girl and be will be unbelievably crass. They will run in your room at eight in the morning trying to wake you up just because they feel like it. They will NOT approve of the guy you like (trust me, it gets hard). They will make fun of your pictures and your singing face. They will try to make your sister spill all your high school secrets - AND they will blackmail you with it. They will tell you to sleep at the side to challenge how “brave” you are even if you only really want to stay in the middle because you’re falling off the bed. 

The list goes on! 

But - (luckily these two have a tendency to overcompensate) - they will let you ride shotgun and call the shots on crazy, spontaneous “adventures”. They will hold your hand all the way to the bathroom when your contacts get out of place (because they pushed you in the pool) and wait for you to get out. They will parade you around the mall, sandwiched between them, pretending to be your dates, cause you’re cool and you date two boys at the same time, same place. They will agree to accompany you as you look at shoes and stand there, waiting while you decide which version of the book has the nicest cover. They will pick you up at home and bring you home if you have no ride or walk you all the way home if their cars aren’t there. They will (gladly) finish all your leftover food and pick up the phone in the middle of the night just in case you need someone to talk to. They will listen to you rant and rave about boys (even if they don’t approve) and they will prove to be awesome wingmen when the opportunities arise. They will hold your hand when you see your ex for the first time after the break up and stand guard while you try and pick a wedgie.

My first time to be the only girl in a trio and despite all the bullying, I have never felt so safe. Last weekend, I woke up sandwiched between these two boys. It was the first time in so long that I’ve ever felt refreshed. Like I was actually able to get some rest. We slept early (by our standards) and woke up early, ready to face the next day. It was good. To know that the next day was going to be possibly as crazy as the last was. And to know that they were going to be by my side regardless.

This year has been hard for the most part, but the blessings have been abundant. These two. Always more than enough. 

00054. “Truly, Heaven must feel like this.”